Remote Workers




Millennials and Young Professionals working remotely are at risk of feeling a sense of Isolation and Lack of Community with their coworkers, team leaders, their company as a whole, and potentially your company’s clients, customers and/or suppliers.


No one can predict the future, but it’s fair to say remote working, on some level, is here to stay. By using our Proprietary Employee Survey Method and analysis, this is the perfect time to examine the best course of action for your company, both in the short and long term.

How We Help

Working with your Senior Management and HR Professionals, we create customized, anonymous surveys that identify what is working, and what is not. This is one of our core services and our team has over 25 years of survey and data analytics experience.

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A Consulting Firm of Passionate, Proven Professionals, Dedicated to Enabling Companies To Attract,Retain & Inspire Millennials and Young Professionals.


Employee Turnover – Job hopping Young Professionals cost employers millions of dollars in rehiring, training and lost productivity every year!
Our proprietary research shows that Millennials are just as hard working as the generations before them – with a few caveats.

Young Professionals Consumers Are Not Brand Loyal – Or are they?
What we know is that companies that fail to communicate their unique story miss huge opportunities to create and maintain brand loyalty.


Millennials123 creates a bridge between management, their millennial employees and consumers. We build community, create career growth, purpose and loyalty!

Millennials are driven by purpose! They need to know “What is the story?”

Millennials (75.4 million) have surpassed Baby Boomers (74.9 million) as the nation’s largest living generation, according to the latest census and by 2025 will represent close to 75 percent of the workforce. Most big corporations are searching for ways to Attract, Inspire, & Retain Millennials. We will show you how!

Millennials Are Driven By Purpose!

Starting With The Power of Story, Millennials123 uniquely uncovers the many attributes and histories of a company that are often unknown or overlooked. The benefits of bringing these stories to light are beneficial on numerous levels. They give the consumers, employees and investors a common denominator and similar point of connection – a true sense and understanding of a company’s brand & the affect it has on the lives of so many each and every day.

In Short, We Answer The Question: Why & Deliver The How!


Sharing A Company’s Authentic Story Builds Trust and Loyal Consumers!

Sharing A Company’s Authentic Story Attracts Talented Workers, Builds Pride In Employees, Benefits Retention, and Productivity!


A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Leads To Pride Of Ownership And That Creates Loyal Consumers!

A Powerful Company’s Authentic Story Creates Purpose and Context. Result: Higher Morale, Increased Productivity, Career Growth, Community And Retention!


A Powerful Company’s Story Creates Purpose and Fulfilment!
We Make Your Employees Say, “I Get To Work For My Company”

Social Responsibility and Sustainability

A Powerful Story Reveals A Company’s Social Responsibility and Sustainability Participation!

A Powerful Story Matters!

*A Portion Of Our Proceeds Are Donated To Our Pre-Approved Charity