Our Story

Our Story

Millennials123 was created with a simple vision – Create a solution for companies to reach Millennial Consumers, Employees and Investors.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is how to Attract and Retain Millennial Consumers, who tend to be fickle, and Millennial Employees, who are quick to jump from one job to another.

Using the Power of Story, we quickly realized that we could uncover the many attributes and histories of a company that are often unknown or overlooked. The benefits of bringing these stories to light are beneficial on numerous levels. We give the Consumers, Employees and Investors a common denominator and point of connection – a true sense and understanding of a company’s brand and the affect it has on the lives of so many each and every day.

Remember, Millennial Consumers want to know WHY they should engage with your brand. Meanwhile, millennial Employees are driven by Purpose first and Money second.

We have an exceptional ability to uncover and deliver a company’s story. Using digital media, videos, group presentations, one-on-one meetings and much more, we work with our clients to deliver impactful, effective and lasting strategies.

In short, we answer the question: WHY And Deliver The How! Our stories create your solution!